The Process

The process page outlines the journey that takes place from the ingredients to the final biscuit and the factors that influence the biscuit making process.

Mixing Mixing

The high speed Mixer can be used to mix a wide variety of soft and hard biscuit dough. This mixer can also be used for creaming applications. This unit has modular type of construction and it stands independently. This unit is placed directly on floor. The design of the curved entablature, which forms the top of the mixer, can be customized to suit the various requirements with regard to the ingredient feeding.

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Process Image
Process Image

Feeding Feeding

The process where the Mixed dough lump is broken into smaller forms of bricks or Kibbled suitable for the process. These are then passed through metal detection to make sure the dough is free from any contamination of metal. A complete automatic dough feeding system is essential to have a full efficiency of the line in Auto Mode.

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Forming Forming

Forming is a process of converting the Dough Mix into the Biscuit shape desired after going through a complete process. This process may involve a combination of various machines depending on the recipe and the process required for the product.

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Process Image
Process Image

Baking Baking

Baking is the heart of the biscuit which converts the raw prepared dough pieces into a product which is to be consumed. Various kinds of ovens are available and the selection depends on the product to be baked in it.

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Post BakingPost Baking

Post Baking is the process to cool down the biscuit suitable to pack. The process involves the biscuit to travel through a series of machines before the biscuit is handed over to the packing machines.

Post Baking section is made up of :

  • Cooling Conveyors
  • Turn Tables
  • Stackers
  • Packing table
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Process Image
Special Applicator

Special Applicators Special Applicators

Special Applicators are installed either before the baking or after baking depending on the recipe of the product. Accessorise your product with any one or combination of the following equipments available from New Era….

  • Sugar Sprinkler
  • Salt Sprinkler
  • Oil Spray with Drain Conveyor
  • Flour Applicator
  • Seed Sprinkler
  • Fat and Flour Applicator
  • Milk Spray
  • Air Skinning Unit
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