5 Qualities To Look For In A Good Biscuit Production Line

05 May, 2023
5 Qualities To Look For In A Good Biscuit Production Line

Producing the perfect biscuit every time takes a lot of effort, time and resources. From skilled manpower to the best quality raw material almost everything plays a key role in the production of biscuits, crackers and cookies. But, the pivot of all these is advanced good biscuit production lines with turnkey features. They facilitate the ingredients to come together and blend in a unique way offering nothing but the best of biscuits and cookies production.

But looking for a good biscuit production line comes with its own list of hassles and requirements. To save you the trouble of going through all the parameters, our experts have gathered 5 principal requirements that should be present in a great biscuit production line. Without further ado, let’s list down the most important ones.

Accurate Moisture & Color Control

To get the perfect taste, texture and finish in any biscuit, cracker or cookie it is imperative that the product should undergo uniform heating with proper temperature management. Improper heating might result in overly baked batches, cracked or split biscuits and their taste being off.

A good biscuit production line would offer the successful management of these key parameters that would result in producing quality biscuits efficiently and consistently.
Accurate moisture and colour control also facilitate and affects the packing and cooling part when the biscuit is most likely to get its final shape and form.

HMI Panel for Optimum Control

HMI or Human Machine Interface Panel is the centrepiece of product parameter management. It enables a host of features from enhanced ease of operation, managing different oven zone temperatures, and combustion blower to a dedicated safety reset button to deal with any emergencies.

The HMI Panel acts as a link between the internal and external environment and gives the operator a bird’s eye view of what’s happening inside the chamber in real time. It is often integrated with hard biscuit and cracker production lines to deliver robust performance at each step of the production process. The HMI Panel provides for the complete control & management of the baking process in a reliable manner. It leads to reduced energy consumption and increased savings in the long run thereby making the investment profitable.

Feeding, Forming & Mixing Systems

The start of biscuit production is by kneading and mixing dough in the mixing system. Advanced mixing systems with class-leading features like Direct Drive Mechanism, large biscuit handling capacity and recipe management are crucial to get the perfect mix to be processed in subsequent stages.

The key difference between hard dough biscuit production line and soft dough biscuit production comes in the part of the forming system, where a rotary moulder comes into play in the soft biscuit production system for removing excess dough and translating the dough into unique shapes and sizes. This is made possible to a great extent by complete control on pressure, knife and gaps and fast and easy changeovers.

Post Baking Systems

As much as baking the perfect biscuit is crucial, it is all the more important to ensure that the biscuit gets cooled, handled and packed correctly. The key to the successful implementation of this lies in post-baking systems that comprise cooling conveyors, stackers and biscuit handling and packing systems.

Cooling is an essential part of the freshly baked biscuit out of the oven to prevent a host of defects from moisture accumulation to checking in hard biscuits. Stacking makes the biscuit handling process much easier by enabling the biscuits to come in line, be perfectly aligned, and be exactly of the same number to prevent any defect in quantity while being packed. The packing system is the most interesting part that comes equipped with an auto tray denesting feature to facilitate hassle-free biscuit handling and packing for subsequent shipping to the destination,

Special Applicators

To elevate your biscuit game to the next level, it is important to take the services of a special applicator. The special applicators help in augmenting the taste and flavour of the biscuit, cracker and cookies via the application of a variety of ingredients and condiments.

The spices, herbs, oil and fat sprinkler and applicators all aid in making the biscuit a perfect masterpiece. These greatly enhance the taste and make the biscuit, cracker and cookie more attractive and mouthwatering. The best part about special applicator is that
it can be integrated into the biscuit cycle, both the pre and post-baking system depending on the product being manufactured.

The Road Ahead

The best machinery maintains the crucial balance between advanced features and ease of operation. A biscuit line might be class-leading but suffer from the same quality and design flaws that make the customer lose interest due to inconsistent batches. To prevent such scenarios due diligence is required when selecting biscuit lines. A biscuit line with the features listed above, hassle-free maintenance, dedicated support and ready spare parts goes a long way in ensuring that the investment remains secure and that the return on investment is covered soon.

There are many companies in the market that make these tall claims and the reality is somewhat different. The performance of these machines slowly depreciates over time and they start giving trouble to their owners. The lack of dedicated support makes it all the more problematic to troubleshoot even the slightest of issues. It halts production and derails output growth as well.

A brief suggestion would be to consider the evolving biscuit, cookie and cracker lines from New Era Machines, the emerging leader in the global biscuit, bakery and confectionery industry. With over six decades of expertise and two powerful production houses, they have been attending to the dynamic needs of this growing sector. Their turnkey production lines have been setting new benchmarks and delivering impactful performance consistently.

The best part about their biscuit lines is that they are able to tune themselves with the growing trends in the biscuit market by enabling the manufacture of different types and shapes of biscuits, crackers and cookies irrespective of the dough, recipe or filling. These modern biscuit lines have also been winning the industry’s faith and trust beyond borders for the quality they offer in today’s times.

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