Classification Of Biscuit Types And Their Methods Of Production

17 Apr, 2023
Classification Of Biscuit Types And Their Methods Of Production

Biscuits, crackers and cookies are enjoyed by one and all. They come in lip-smacking flavors, irresistible shapes & sizes. But, seldom do we know what goes into making such delectable treats and how they are classified. Today we take a deep dive into the types of biscuits and their production processes and aim to understand the similarities and key differences.

So, without further ado, let’s get right into it.

Hard Dough Biscuits & Crackers

Hard dough biscuits & crunchy crackers have comparatively lower levels of fat and sweetness compared to their soft dough counterparts. They usually come in savoury & semi-sweet taste, can be manufactured into a variety of shapes and sizes depending upon the customer’s requirements. It is a dry, crispy baked bread containing fewer calories, and is often served as a snack. Some prominent ones include soda crackers, sugar glazed biscuit, cocktail cracker and petit beurre.

Quality hard dough biscuit production is primarily done in a rotary cutting machine loaded with turnkey features. These features range from the precise dough and weight distribution, and direct drive mechanism to moisture & colour control. As far as their production process is concerned, it mainly comprises dough laminating and sheeting, controlling of heat and temperature and cooling & packaging the finished product under predefined conditions.

Soft Dough Biscuits

Soft dough biscuits as the name suggests are softer and fluffier than their hard dough counterparts. They have higher levels of fat & sweetness and are generally manufactured with the help of a rotary moulding machine. They contain more calories, slightly more time to bake and come in an extensive range of shapes & textures like butter biscuits, glucose biscuits, choco enrobed biscuits, cream sandwich biscuits, shortbread biscuits and many more.

These automatic biscuit making machine often need pre-sheeting and complete control of knife pressure and gaps. The rotary moulding machine ensures that there is minimum wastage and accurate weight control is present.


The ever-sweet and likable treats have been used traditionally as a mandatory accompaniment to tea and coffee for ages. It is still a staple in English breakfast and a host of places like cafes serve these delicious treats in many flavors and shapes. A host of cookies like danish cookies, choco chip cookies, twin color cookies, butter cookies are loved and savoured by all.

Cookies are mainly manufactured in wire-cut, depositor or extruder form, whereby the changing of depositor heads, hygienic design and modular system for cutting play a key role. On the parameters front, the cookie contains the highest fat, calories and sweetness of the lot. The crucial part in the manufacturing of quality cookies arises in ensuring the taste, texture, and temperature remains at a consistent level, as a slight variation may lead to bad taste and the entire lot being rejected.

Other Bakery Products

The likes of puff, pastries, and pizzas can be manufactured too with the help of special industrial-grade ovens. The ambient temperature, heat, moisture and color control are what matters most in their successful production. Things to be kept in mind while producing the assortment of such treats is how energy efficient our production process is and what is its durability and cost-effectiveness. Last but not the least, how versatile our production is? in other terms how quickly and conveniently it can switch between different types of products?

Use Of Special Applicators

While delicious treats of different shapes and varieties can indeed be formed with the above processes. If one wants to take their biscuit game to the next level, it can be done by use of special applicators. These are widely used to enhance and augment the flavours from a range of biscuits, crackers & cookies. Things like spices, herbs, sugar and salt sprinkling can all be done successfully with the help of these applicators. They also aid in mix and match of different flavours and taste and greatly help in making the products stand out from the competition and the crowd.

Some Last Wordings

Biscuit production is an art and needs to be respected. A lot goes into the background in ensuring that the perfect delectable treat is made efficiently. Understanding the correct type of biscuit and its production process makes us appreciate the work that has gone into it. A plethora of biscuits, crackers and cookies can be made with the perfect machine.

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