New Era Machines is all geared up for Interpack 2023: the biggest processing & packaging trade fair

25 Mar, 2023
New Era Machines is all geared up for Interpack 2023: the biggest processing & packaging trade fair

The world is coming together at the #1 processing & packaging technology trade fair, Interpack 2023, in Dusseldorf, Germany from May 4th onwards, are you? This is the million-dollar question that is worth answering. The stage is going to be set for the biggest trade fair in the food processing industry in a few weeks. A grand event where leading global giants, key players & emerging brands would all come together to discover, discuss & showcase the leading trends, technology & updates in this ever-evolving sector.

New Era Machines at Interpack 2023

New Era Machines is extremely delighted and excited to announce that we would be participating in the world’s leading packaging & processing trade fair at Dusseldorf. Our highly skilled & dedicated workforce has tirelessly worked & waited for this opportunity to showcase in front of the world what a new era in biscuit, cookie & cracker production would look like. From baking hard biscuits, crackers & soft biscuits to crafting mouth-watering cookies, we have got you covered end to end.

Being a responsible player & marker leader in the biscuit & cookie production space, it is all the more relevant & pivotal for New Era Machines to show the world that the latest & most optimal tech in biscuit, cookie & cracker production is here & it doesn’t cut corners when it comes to quality control. We sincerely believe that both good tech & quality can co-exist & deliver the ultimate experience to the end consumers, and we are proud to achieve that consistently over the years.

What is Interpack 2023 & why it matters?

Interpack 2023 is the perfect ground to demonstrate & debate a diverse range of hot & current topics from the circular economy, and resource conservation to digital technology & product safety. Considering the massive reach of the event & the large global audience participating, it becomes all the more important & relevant to strive for getting the best technology to become accessible, affordable & sustainable. What truly sets Interpack apart from other leading trade fairs is the fact that the entire value chain from food, pharma & cosmetics to beverage & industrial goods would be in one place. It is an unmissable opportunity to join & witness the important events related to this field. You can opt for visitor registration by filling up a simple form here.

A brief introduction to New Era Machines

When it comes to stepping into a new era of the biscuit, bakery & confectionary industry, New Era Machines is perhaps the first name that comes to mind. With an unrivalled & unparalleled legacy of 65+ years, New Era Machines has become the go-to name for experiencing the latest innovations, trends & products in this space. The continued patronage of global clients since 1965, their trust & confidence has enabled us to push new boundaries year after year and serve our customers with dedication, hard work & unmatched efficiency that now reflects in our diverse portfolio of products. Our new-age biscuit, cookie & cracker production lines have been designed, engineered & perfected keeping the customer at the centre.

Why New Era Machines?

From delicate issues like checking in crackers, and changeover of depositor heads for cookies to precise dough cutting, and accurate colour & moisture control in industrial bakery ovens, we have exhaustively researched, tested and excelled in these challenges. Our industrial turnkey solutions have continuously evolved with the changes & needs in this sector. The technology, the design, the production time, the yield, and the production capacity have all been updated with the coming and adoption of new technology. The robust support network, dedicated expert assistance, and decades of expertise spent perfecting these production lines

Some final words

Interpack 2023 is a grand opportunity not just for the food sector but for other domains as well, to get a comprehensive view, you can see the full exhibitor list by clicking here. The conclave would no doubt bring together the best of minds, products, ideas, themes & most importantly passionate individuals who wish to serve & cater to the dynamic challenges & tasks in the 21st century where sustainability is a crucial factor. The current event would throw some light on what the future holds & how realistic our expectations can be across sectors. It would also present a ripe opportunity to exchange ideas & make our future bright.

As for the latest developments, trends & offerings in the biscuit, bakery & confectionary industry, you know where to visit, we can’t stress that enough. We are eagerly waiting to connect with you at Interpack 2023 & set new standards in this booming space.

A new era is upon us, are you ready to take the leap?

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