Importance of Post-baking Systems in Biscuit Production

20 Jun, 2023
Importance of Post-baking Systems in Biscuit Production

Producing high-quality biscuits, cookies and crackers is an interesting process. A lot of systems, resources and parameters are involved to deliver that perfect biscuit or cookie. Normally, the focus in biscuit production is limited to initial stages and baking, post-baking systems as such are an underrated aspect. This writeup is written precisely to convey the pivotal importance these systems have on biscuit production and how a slight variation may lead to bad batches and wastage.

There are a few key topics to cover and a few things to consider in successfully acing the post-baking challenge. So, without further delay, let’s hop right into the details.

Components of Post-Baking Systems:

Cooling Conveyors

Cooling is the single most crucial aspect immediately after baking. As soon as the product is released from an extremely hot baking chamber, it needs to be perfectly cooled to ensure cracks or lines don’t develop in the products. This problem is specifically known as checking in crackers and hard biscuits.

Cooling is also important to ensure the biscuit, cookie or cracker retains its due structure and texture, prevents moisture loss and is at a suitable temperature for further processes. The cooling is generally done via post-baking systems such as cooling conveyors which are basically huge elevated belts of significant length and width to accommodate a large number of products at the same time.


Stackers are second in sequence and form the middle or main part prior to packaging of biscuits. As the name suggests they have the unique task of checking the products arrive in perfect stacking for packaging, are perfectly aligned and have the correct number of pieces in each slot. Waste or slug removal along with filling rate detection also forms a key part of stacking.

A perfectly stacked batch leads to successful packaging and minimizes the chances of biscuit shape distortion or breakage. It also prevents the automatic machine from being overwhelmed by a large number of pieces and transfers them in set order for easy and effective packing.

Packing System

Last but one of the most important parts of post-baking systems is the packing system. With our rich legacy spanning decades, we are now more proud to offer our own advanced on-edge packing systems with tray-denesting support. These turnkey systems ensure superior packing, easy and fast changeover and maintenance of parts & tools and efficient packing operation via modern HMI panels.

The packing system can be seamlessly integrated with biscuit, cookie and cracker production lines and greatly aids in streamlining the final steps of the production process. Great quality packing is one of the prime differentiators between good and bad batches and wastage. After the successful completion of packing, the production process is mainly over, and the product is ready for logistics and delivery.

Top Points to Consider in Post-Baking Systems:

Pay special attention to cooling conveyor metrics, variations greatly affect production batch sizes.
Proper maintenance of cooling systems is needed to avoid last-step derailments in biscuit taste, texture and shape.
Each biscuit type whether hard, soft or cookie requires different cooling temperatures.
Perfectly aligned biscuits facilitate easier and faster stacking.
A good stacker enables seamless transfer from the conveyor to the packing system.
Special Care must be taken in the biscuit handling and packaging part.
Maintenance, changeover, cleaning, waste disposal and easy operation via automatic panels are key to successful packing.
Tray denesting support and auto biscuit handling are crucial for good packing and subsequent logistic transfer.
Seamless integration into existing biscuit production lines ensures maximum output delivery and minimum downtime between batches.

Few Final Suggestions:

When it comes to post-baking systems, the higher the successful management, the more top-quality batches would be produced. But achieving that level is a tricky job. With the right systems and production lines, growth becomes endless. From cooling to packing, each step of the post-baking process is crucial to determine the quality of production and it is what will be one of the key differentiators between your and the competitor’s products.

With a proud legacy of 60+ years in biscuit production, we at New Era Machines are the go-to solution providers for all your biscuit, cookie and cracker production requirements. Our newest addition to the production line family, the on-edge packing system ensures last-mile hassle-free production of top-quality biscuits. Give our reliable and versatile offerings a try and discover perfection.

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