5 Things You Should Consider Before Buying a Biscuits Production Line & Cookies Production Line

20 Jan, 2023
5 Things You Should Consider Before Buying a Biscuits Production Line & Cookies  Production Line

There are different types of biscuit production lines, depending on the type of biscuit they can produce:

Soft dough biscuit production line can be wire-cut, extruded or deposited, depending on your needs. This production line consists of a material dosing machine, a horizontal dough mixer, a rotary moulder, a baking oven, an oil sprayer, a cooling biscuit machine, and a packing biscuit machine.

Hard dough biscuit production line consists of a material dosing machine, a vertical dough mixer, a laminator, gauge rolls, rotary cutters, a separate machine, a baking machine, a cooling machine, and a packing machine. From the delicious line of unsweetened, semi-sweetened, and savoury crackers in salty to sweet flavors, there are several different varieties of hard biscuits and crackers that can be developed in this category.

The advantages of an automatic biscuit manufacturing plant are that it increases production efficiency and reduces labour costs. Your production capacity and product quality will be greatly improved with industrial food machinery and automatic biscuit-making machinery.

So, what are the 5 things you must consider before buying a biscuit or cookies production line?

1. Equipment specifications

The buyer’s first task is to define the products to be manufactured and the output (kg/h) to be produced. A PLC with HMI or hard-wired panels can be specified for control and safety systems. Other initial considerations include factory space and services such as fuel gas or oil, electricity, and compressed air. The specification consists of details based on the buyer’s requirements.

2. Location and Material

When establishing your own factory, choose its location carefully. Always choose a space where there is an opportunity to expand in the future. Locations near food parks or a few miles away from township areas are ideal for biscuit factories. Raw material availability is another important factor to consider. Wheat flour, sugar, edible vegetable oil, liquid glucose, and other ingredients such as milk solids, food colours, flavours, cocoa powder, chocolates, coconut, yeast, saturated fat, nuts, packaging materials, and so on are used to make biscuits. Make sure you have suppliers nearby who can supply these items.

3. Supplier and manufacturer selection

When selecting a biscuit production line manufacturer, below are a few important factors to consider:

Previous work experience:

How many years of experience does the company have, and what is its current value in the market?

References for the supplier:

Remember to take or read reviews from their website, or other relevant platforms.

Budget and price level of manufacturers:

Compare two or more quotations and choose the best one that fits your budget and requirements.

Availability of spare parts: 

Machines tend to require more maintenance after a few years of purchase, and that is when a reliable manufacturer’s role comes in. Choose a supplier that has spare parts available whenever you ask for, just like New Era Machines. We make sure your machines are always smooth and your business keeps growing.

4. Sales and Marketing

Along with building your factory, before buying a biscuit and cookie production line, build your marketing team too. There is a huge demand and market for biscuits and cookies all over the country. Rural, urban, and semi-urban are the three distinct market segments. The urban and semi-urban markets are dominated by numerous national and regional brands. Despite the fact that there are many local manufacturers who have established a special niche with their fresh and inexpensive varieties of biscuits and cookies.

5. Commercial Terms

The following are headings for a contract to buy a production line.

1. Scope of the Order
2. Equipment specifications
3. Performance criteria
4. Programme Schedule
6. Price and payment terms
7. Delivery
8. Additional shipments
9. Exclusions
10. Guarantees
11. Liquidated damages
12. Liability
13. Confidentiality
14. Amendments in writing
15. Contract signatures

With the advancement of science and technology, manufacturers can now benefit from fully automatic, high-efficiency, low energy consumption, and low-lobar equipment. Our biscuit production line can meet all of the above requirements and create customised designs based on the customer’s factory environment. More prominent biscuit manufacturers with extensive production facilities, experience, and development funding may pave the way for future improvements in product quality and production efficiencies. The ovens could be built and installed by smaller local teams.

New Era Machines, a global leader in biscuit and cookie production lines and ovens, has been meeting the evolving challenges of the food processing sector in the twenty-first century. With a skilled workforce of over 300+ trained hands, the quality and performance of our machines are unrivaled.

Our core expertise is offering complete turnkey systems for all of your biscuit and cookie production needs.

Feel free to contact us if you are looking for professional biscuit production line manufacturers, and know more about biscuit machinery prices, automatic biscuit production lines, ovens, shipping, and maintenance.

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