Your Ultimate Guide To Industrial Biscuit Ovens

09 Feb, 2023
Your Ultimate Guide To Industrial Biscuit Ovens

In today’s times, searching for a high-quality industrial biscuit oven is a challenging task. A host of parameters are involved in the selection of that perfect machine. The purpose of this write-up is to make the process of acquiring your next industrial oven seamless & secure. To better understand the selection procedure, let’s first have a look at some of the key questions and answer them to the best extent possible.

What are industrial biscuit ovens & their types?

Industrial biscuit ovens or tunnel ovens as they are commonly called are biscuit baking equipment that differs mostly on their fuel, method & mode of cooking. Some well-known types are direct gas-fired ovens, indirect ovens, hybrid ovens & rotary rack ovens. Let’s take a brief look at the important ones.

Direct-fired ovens: Coming in primarily in two types, gas-fired or electric, these ovens have heaters on top & bottom of the heating band. There is also a provision of preheaters in certain ovens & they are by the most powerful in terms of heat transfer or exchange.

Indirect-fired ovens: These ovens, mainly have a separate system for air circulation or heat transfer. They also have different zones with the number of burners limited to one or two in each. These ovens are known for design flexibility and differential radiant heating as per the needs.

Hybrid Ovens: These ovens combine the benefits of both direct & indirect ovens. They usually have direct zones followed by indirect zones for better implementation of heat & moisture control.

Rotary Rack Ovens: These ovens are similar to convection ovens in the sense they both require fans to circulate air, the difference mainly being in terms of fan size & cooking temperatures.

What are their advantages over traditional counterparts?

Following are some of the advantages of advanced industrial biscuit ovens against traditional ones:

  • Applicability of uniform heat & pressure.
  • Moisture, colour & texture control.
  • Low fuel consumption & improved fuel economy.
  • Increased production efficiency.
  • High heat transfer & air circulation.
  • Low Maintenance & versatile HMI control panel.

Which things to keep in mind while selecting an industrial biscuit oven?

Biscuit production is a heavy investment that needs to be an informed one. It is not easy to replace or shop for new biscuit production lines frequently, options need to be long-lasting & sturdy. Here are a few factors that need to be kept in mind when searching for a premier industrial baking oven.

1. Size & Capacity

This is the first & one of the key parameters to be considered when shopping for a baking oven. The production capacity, bandwidth, and size all matter hugely, the more space & capacity you have the better & faster the output would be.

2. Energy Efficiency

With soaring fuel & electricity prices, fuel economy is an important consideration in the selection of the perfect industrial biscuit-making machine. The better fuel utilization the oven has, the better energy efficiency it would have.

3. Type

As stated above, there are different types of ovens and each one has its own set of advantages. Based on our current & future requirements, we need to select one option carefully. Heating zones, heat transfer & preheating availability are some of the important factors to consider while selecting the type.

4. Features

In modern times, this is the single biggest differentiator, an industrial oven that is feature loaded but also has ease of operation, multiple controls & low maintenance are the key requirements. A feature-rich machine with complex operations would hamper production in a big way.

5. Customizability

Biscuit baking is a dynamic process that needs to factor in the latest trends & market requirements. Having custom layout options is a nice addition, it helps save capital expenditure in the long run.

The road ahead

Getting a perfect industrial oven manufacturer is a high ask, almost all companies would excel in some parameters & falter in rest. The research needs to be done from the user end as the requirements vary on a client basis. Research, comparison & latest developments play a key part in the selection of the industrial biscuit oven.

Still, if a benchmark is to be ascertained, modern industrial biscuit ovens from New Era machines are worth considering. Our offerings balance the features with enhanced ease of access, efficient production & dedicated expert assistance. We have been serving a diverse global clientele for the past 65+ years. Explore our new-age biscuit production lines & see if it suits your needs.

With this, we are sure that with the pointers highlighted above, you would have gotten some idea about how to select your biscuit production partner. Do let us know, which one you finally went after & why.

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