A Handbook For Selecting The Right Packaging Material

20 Dec, 2023
A Handbook For Selecting The Right Packaging Material

In the ever-evolving food packaging industry, selecting the appropriate packaging material for biscuits cannot be understated, as it directly impacts product freshness, quality, and visual appeal.

In this blog, we will explore the essential considerations in choosing packaging for biscuits, it’s crucial to find a sweet spot between what’s practical and what looks good. On the practical side, the packaging needs to keep the biscuits fresh and prevent them from breaking easily. At the same time, it should catch the eye of customers with its appearance. You’ll also want to think about the cost of the packaging material to ensure it fits your budget.

Understanding the biscuit production process:

Before exploring packaging materials, it is crucial to understand the details of the biscuit production process. Biscuits progress through stages, including mixing, dough formation, baking, and packaging. Each phase demands precise attention, as any deviation can affect the ultimate quality of the product.

The quality of biscuits is closely tied to the chosen packaging material. This material should not only preserve freshness, shield against external elements, and maintain its shape but also work together smoothly with the speed and efficiency of the industrial baking machines employed in the manufacturing unit.

Important factors for choosing packaging materials for biscuits

Protection against elements

The packaging material’s ability to protect biscuits against moisture, air, and light is crucial. Opt for materials with high barrier properties to ensure a longer shelf life and superior product quality.

Airtight seals

Airtight seals are essential in biscuit packaging. Any compromise in seal strength can lead to moisture seepage, impacting the biscuits’ crispiness and shelf life. Check the sealing capabilities to ensure maximum protection against external elements.

Compatibility with baking machines

Packaging materials should work well with industrial baking machines in the manufacturing unit. The chosen material must facilitate smooth packaging processes, aligning with the speed and requirements of these machines to maintain production efficiency. This is one of the reasons New Era Machines are the industry’s most reliable biscuit and bakery-making machines.


In today’s eco-friendly time, prioritize sustainable packaging materials. Opt for options that are recyclable, biodegradable, or made from renewable resources. This not only promotes environmental well-being but also connects with consumers who favor eco-friendly products.

Printability and Appeal

Visual appeal is an important factor in attracting consumers. Select packaging materials with excellent printability to showcase vibrant designs, brand logos, and essential product information. Eye-catching packaging enhances shelf visibility and influences purchasing decisions.

Regulatory compliance

Ensure the selected packaging material complies with food safety and regulatory standards. Biscuit packaging must meet strict requirements for consumer safety and satisfaction. Verify approval for direct food contact and adherence to industry-specific regulations.


Striking a balance between quality and cost-effectiveness is essential in selecting the best packaging material. Evaluate the overall cost, including production, transportation, and storage, to ensure alignment with budget limits without compromising essential qualities.

Know the commonly used packaging material for biscuits:

The most common biscuit packaging materials are as follows:


Frequently chosen for its versatility and eco-friendly nature.
Ideal for various food products due to its durability and ease of customization.


Highly adaptable material effective in preserving food.
Easily shaped into various forms.
Preferred for its ability to protect against external elements.


Specific metal types are utilized for specialized food packaging needs.
Known for its strength and ability to provide secure packaging for specific products.


Widely used due to cost-effectiveness and a glossy appearance.
Presents a challenge with significant waste generation.
Typically requires immediate consumption once opened, unless equipped with a zip lock.
The environmental impact, toxicity, and contribution to marine life destruction lead to urgent calls for plastic reduction.


Renowned for providing robust protection to food products.
Prone to breakage during shipping, requiring careful handling.
Contains sodium hydroxide, and extended storage may lead to trace particles mixing with distilled water.

Picking the right packaging for biscuits involves looking at things like how well it keeps the biscuits fresh, if it seals properly, works with the baking machines, and is environmentally friendly. Understanding how biscuits are made and considering these things helps ensure that when people buy them, they are in great shape and stand out on the store shelves. With today’s biscuit manufacturing units and technology, making sure biscuits are produced and packaged together properly is more crucial for a successful and eco-friendly future in the baking industry. Hope this blog helps!

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